English Pattern Baloon Tunic 80 - 164

English Pattern Baloon Tunic 80 - 164

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Size 80-164. Instructions complete translated - pattern in German with english title.

Regardless, if you’re an old “Feli” lover or if it’s a newly inflamed passion - with “Feli”, you are well served, all over the year and from toddlers just finding their feet through to cool teens.

In this ebook, you will find everything you need in order to sew the coolest “Feli” of all times. The ebook contains a regular hood, either with a round shape or a pointedshape, a widely overlapping fluffy hood as well as the option to add a neckband to your “Feli”. You can use jersey or sweat fabrics for your “Feli”.Regarding the different fabrics, I will provide additional tips in the section “cutting pattern”. Furthermore, you can choose between the popular “Feli” side pockets, with the option of sewing visible or invisible pockets with pouches, as well as with a small or big kangaroo pocket. Additionally, there is a regular sleeve and a puffy sleeve, various options for eyelets, cord strings and smaller addons.

Be surprised!

All rights of this guide are with rosarosa // Christina Edelmann 2012-2017. It is expressly permitted to sell handmade individual items in small batches of up to 10 pieces of the same kind. Mass production is not permitted! Copying and distributing this guide is strictly forbidden. No liability can be accepted for any potential errors. If you sell your handmade pieces, please refer to myself as source for the cutting pattern (Cutting pattern by www.rosarosa.eu - Model “Feli”)