Baby Jumi Cardigan 44 - 80 ♥ English Instructions

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Size 44-80. Instructions complete translated - pattern in German with english title.



The Baby Jumi is a gorgeous little jacket that captivates through its simplicity and delicacy. Designed for different elastic fabrics, the Baby Jumi can be your companion as a jersey jacket on a mild summer evening, or, made from a knitted fabric and worn over a shirt, keep your little one nice and warm in winter.

The jacket is intended to be worn as a cardigan, meaning to be worn over bodysuits, shirts or rompers.



All rights of this guide are with rosarosa // Christina Edelmann 2021. It is expressly permitted to sell handmade individual items in small batches of up to 10 pieces of the same kind. Mass production is not permitted! Copying and distributing this guide is strictly forbidden. No liability can be accepted for any potential errors. If you sell your handmade pieces, please refer to myself as source for the cutting pattern (Cutting pattern by - Model “Baby Jumi”)


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